Prudential Marina Bay Carnival will open from 22 December 2018 to 24 March 2019, from 4pm to 11pm daily! (Free admission! Last entry at 10:30pm.)



Back for our second edition with new rides amongst returning all-time favourites, the Carnival will also see a curated line-up of programmes to keep you engaged and entertained! Not to mention the refreshed menu at our Food Village! You heard it here first. #MarinaBayCarnival

Das Fun Schiff


Mach 5



Jumper Jumper

Jumper Jumper

The Great European Carnival Preview night.16.12.15

Freak out

Das Fun Schiff

Remix Extreme

Remix Extreme

The Great European Carnival Preview night.16.12.15

Freak out

Jumper Jumper

Jumper Jumper


Mach 5




Bounce N Spin


Euro Coaster




Jungle River


Pony Express


Rockin’ Tug


Shark Coaster


Tea Cup


Wave Swinger






Formula 3000


Inflatable Slide


Mini Flume


Race O Rama


Surf Shack






Hook A Bag


Odd Numbers


Ping Pong Roll Down


Ring Toss 1 & 2


Roll A Ball


Shuffle Boards






Break A Plate


Can Blaster


Can Smash


Cat Rack


Catch A Fish


Circle Darts


Hot Shots


Lobster Pot


Long Range Basketball


Milk Churns


Mini Hoop The Block




Flying Frog


Shoot The Stack


Spill The Milk


Stick A Card


Wiggle Wires


Chili Beef Cheese Fries


Nerdy American


Nerdy Chix


Nerdy Mexicana


Cheesy Power


Hula Hula Hawaiian


Meaty Beast


Seafood Pesto


Aburi Shrimp Mentaiko


Sambal Gila Mee


Thai Basil Mee


Bucket Drinks by Sofnade


Chicken Wings in a Bucket


Meatballs in a Bucket


Nachos in a Bucket


Shaker Chicken Cup


Twister Fries in a Bucket


Crazy Food Challenge

If you love food, this is your challenge! We hope you brought your appetite to the Carnival and is ready to claim the throne of being the best at eating. Put yourself through these crazy food challenges and we hope your stomach will be able to handle it!

We will select 3 winners each day.

    • 1st to complete: 100 Bonus Credits
    • 2nd to complete: 50 Bonus Credits
  • 3rd to complete: 30 Bonus Credits

So, join us at the food village for this crazy challenge!


Dance-in-the Public Video Contest

Love dancing but short of avenues to show off your talent? Stand a chance to get discovered and shoot to fame now!

We are bringing to the Carnival a remix version of the latest YouTube trend, ‘K-pop in the public’! Dance groups from all genres are welcome. Come dance at the Carnival grounds and film yourselves doing so. How many chances do you get to dance in front of a spinning thrill ride and music blasting from it! YOLO!

The most popular video with the highest number of likes will win $500 cash prize and a Hero 7 Black Camera worth $595 from GoPro. The 5 runner-ups will also win $100 cash prize each.

Hop on the bandwagon and sign up here: https://goo.gl/ubzysR

For the rest of you non-dancers, come down and have a glimpse of how a “music” video is filmed!


Open Mic Night

Bringing the popular Open Mic night into the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival! Belt out your favourite Christmas carol in front of an audience with a selection of 15 Christmas tunes!

Be the first 15 participants to own the stage and get rewarded with 20 Bonus Credits each.


Miniature Egg Pan with Panmizu

Participants will get to craft an egg in frying pan. You will learn the different techniques and steps of creating each miniature, including clay handling, blending, shaping, texturing, usage of premade molds, colouring, glazing, etc. Finished work can be made into brooch or magnet. Be blown away by the techniques to make realistic miniature food. Sign up here!

Date Time
1 Jan 4pm – 5.30pm
8 Jan 7pm – 8.30pm

Jewellery Casting with The Imperial Smithster

Learn how to cast metal at home with basic mould making and metal melting techniques. In this workshop, you’ll get to learn the basic techniques of silicone rubber mould making, from preparation of the initial model, correct spruing methods, choosing the right silicone for the job to the art of rubber mould cutting and venting. You will also get to know the different metals used for jewellery making and get hands on experience melting and pouring pewter. Sign up here!

Date Time
6 Jan 4pm – 6pm
2 Feb 4pm – 6pm
10 Mar 4pm – 6pm

Acrylic Pour Dish with Room To Imagine

Jazz up your tabletop and stay organised in style with your own unique Acrylic Pour dish! Receive step-by-step guidance to create this functional and beautiful piece that you can use daily for organising your keys and other accessories. Sign up here!

Date Time
12 Jan 4pm – 5pm
2 Mar 4pm – 5pm
17 Mar 4pm – 5pm

Scented Wax Eco Air Fresheners with LAGOM Singapore

Learn how to make your own scented candle wax tablets with your friends and bond over craft-making. These are great as gifts and to use as air fresheners in your drawers. You get to melt and pour the wax, and customise your wax tablet using therapeutic grade essential oils as well as dried owers. No two will be the same, which is the beauty of DIY. A variety of essential oils and dried owers will be provided for you to bring out your own individuality. Sign up here!

Date Time
27 Jan 4pm – 7pm

Lovers Mossarium with Craftsforgreen

Celebrate Valentine’s Day crafting this water-feature mossarium with your loved ones. Design an original layout and learn how to use wax to create crystal-clear waters and add dynamism to your terrarium.

*Choice of figurine is on a first come, first served basis and subjected to availability. We hope to seek your understanding on this as figurines are manufactured as a set so we’re unable to purchase more of the popular choices. Sign up here!

Date Time
10 Feb 4pm – 6pm

Acrylic Pour Canvas with Room To Imagine

Discover the joy of Acrylic Pour Art with this introductory workshop. Learn to create your own unique abstract design on postcard-size canvas by simply pouring and tilting paint. Sign up here!

Date Time
17 Feb 4pm – 5pm

Brush Lettering & Floral Illustration: Cake Toppers Edition with Dora Prints and Paper Goods

In this 3-hour workshop we will go over the basics of brush lettering and oral illustration with a brush pen. We will teach you the correct hand position, and you will develop an understanding of how applying the correct pressure will allow you to create different stroke thicknesses. Over the course of the workshop we will go through various Christmas wordings and the basics of observational drawing which will allow you to create beautiful orals. We will end o by creating a beautiful Christmas pop-up card for your loved ones. Sign up here!

Date Time
16 Mar 4pm – 7pm


This workshop is open for people who bought a GoPro camera in 2019. They can get credits to create content at the Carnival. Registration required.

Date Time
13 Jan 4pm – 6pm
26 Jan 4pm – 6pm
9 Feb 7pm – 9pm
23 Feb 7pm – 9pm
9 Mar 4pm – 6pm
23 Mar 4pm – 6pm

Edmund Khong

A professional performer, Edmund has studied the art of clowning in USA under world-famous mentors. As ‘Bubbles’ the Magic Clown and ‘Captain Dazzle’, Edmund has set himself apart as a unique personality and conjures his own unique brand of children’s entertainment.

He’s a proud member of the WCA (World Clown Association), COAI (Clowns of America International), IJA (International Jugglers Association) and the IVA (International Ventriloquists Association).

Edmund has been featured on Channel U “News Club” on his success in the field of children’s entertainment business. He has appeared in national newspapers over 6 times in year 2007 alone!


Circus In Motion

Circus In Motion is a contemporary circus arts company that offers social circus workshop and visually- captivating circus performances. They specialise in inventive live performances and creative use of geometrical shapes to perform their circus acts.

They take pride in being the first company in Singapore to perform the Cyr Wheel, the Giant Cube and the Ultra Violet pyramids in a series of events such as the Esplanade’s Flipside Festival 2012, 2014 & 2015, True Hearts CommChest 2011 and 2015 on Mediacorp Channel 8 as well as on Oktolive!

They have also performed for various corporate functions and count organisations like DBS and Sentosa Development Corporation as their team-building clients.



Artful Deceptions is where the impossible becomes possible. This is where lovers & defenders of the art of magic gather. They believe that magic makes the world better. More amazement, more laughter, more possibilities.

One performance at a time, they open a door to a world where unlimited possibilities exist.



Synergy is an acoustic musical duo band. Its members Adam Lau and Shawn Yeap have been in the same band since 2012, and have developed very strong chemistry with one another since. They started their professional music journey in early 2015 and performed at various venues inside and outside school. One of more notable performances include open- microphone events at SCAPE, several bars and restaurants, and performances for Kaw Kaw and several other bars and restaurants. A few years back, they were also given the honour of playing for a grassroots event
attended by an Indonesian minister. Recently they also performed at a National Day Appreciation Ceremony at Zepp@Big Box.

Catch them at the Carnival on 24Dec 2018, 31Dec 2018 and 13 Jan 2019!


Sulaiman & Sheryl

Since their inception in late 2017, singer- songwriters Sulaiman and Sheryl have been busking and playing at events as an acoustic duo. Their genre of music extends from Pop, R&B, Jazz and Soul, turning radio hits into their own acoustic rendition. Over the past few months, the duo has played at various large-scale events such as Twilight Flea and Festival hosted by Rosevalley in December 2017 and February 2018, as well as corporate private events hosted by their school, the National University of Singapore. Upcoming gigs include Twilight Festival in August 2018 and Drop Dead Gorgeous, a music initiative gig in early August.

Catch them at the Carnival on 29Dec 2018, 11 Jan 2019, and 12 Jan 2019.


Arya Yunata

Arya Yunata is a singer-guitarist whose passion for music has been ingrained in him since young – he started taking music lessons at a very young age of seven. Arya has been performing for over 6 years for pubs and bars, restaurants, birthdays, events and corporate functions. He is a versatile performer, able to adapt his performance style to fit your requirements; be it a formal occasion or a casual free-and-easy. He is also able to performance either solo or in groups.

Catch him at the Carnival on 29 Dec 2018 and 30 Dec 2018.


Daniel Sid

23-year-old Daniel Sid is one of Singapore’s most sought-after singer-songwriters, who cut his teeth busking along the streets, all around the world. This multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer brings a performance that rivals his idols such as Hozier, Ed Sheeran and Passenger to name a few. With a voice that enchants and captivates people from a mile away as they walk down the streets, and lyrics that take you on an emotional roller- coaster, there is no doubt that you will love his sound.

Catch him at the Carnival on 30-31 Dec 2018, and 19-20 Jan 2019.


Benedict Jerome Tian

Benedict Jerome Tian have been singing and performing choral music, but he always had an interest in singing pop music and has picked up the guitar 3 years ago.

Catch him at the Carnival on 31 Dec 2018 and 13 Jan 2019.


Trevor Wong

Trevor Martens Wong is a Singaporean busker and lead vocalist for the band “Doctor, The Experiments Have Escaped”. An engineering student at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Trevor enjoys building guitars from recycled materials in his spare time and plays them live with his band and on the street.

Catch him at the Carnival on 5 Jan 2019 and 6 Jan 2019.


Rachel, Yue Mun, Kevin

Rachel, Kevin and Mun are three friends who came together through a common taste for old school and punk rock in 2017. Originally a full band, they gradually developed an inclination towards the feel-good tunes of pop and rock. Together, they strive to inculcate their acoustic performances with the raw spirits of their rock influences.

Catch them at the Carnival on 11 Jan 2019 and 12 Jan 2019.


Aliff Sharil

Aliff Sharil is a young singer- songwriter. At the age of 22, he has been performing at open mics at bars and private events. An art lover, he is also into breakdance and photography.

Catch him at the Carnival on 26 Jan and 27 Jan 2019.


Among Four

Among Four is a four-pieces, all-alumni boy band. They are passionate about championing local music in their repertoire, and giving voice to the original songs written by their peer. The members were studying at different ITE Colleges and formed a firm brotherhood through their common love for music when they met at Vocal Xchange 2015. Since then, Among Four has sung regularly in school, at corporate events, and at festivals such as Evolosi Muzika 2017 and Esplanade’s Celebrate December 2017. Most recently, they performed their debut recital at Esplanade’s Red Dot August 2018 and shared the stage with Extraordinary Horizons.

Catch them at the Carnival on 26 Jan and 27 Jan 2019.


DJ Gainzter

Gainzter started his DJ journey 3 years ago in SPDJ where he picked up the art of DJ-ing under the guidance of former DMC world champion, DJ Rattle. He soon developed a passion for music and began plying his skills at events, such as YMAC, BGM and various school rave nights. Gainzter eventually began spinning for establishments such as Empire and Level Up and has performed in multiple events under them, notably the F1 Weekend and Halloween events. In Gainzter’s first ever competitive showing, he attained a semi-finalist placing in Sentosa’s DJ Spin Off. Gainzter is an Open Format DJ who infuses turntablism in his sets while weaving through different genres. He is a versatile DJ who is proficient in mixing various genres of music, namely Top 40’s, 2000s Pop, Twerk, EDM and Moombahton. He is excellent at reading the crowd and his live sets are a testament to that. Gainzter loves making people dance as he believes that music is what unites all of us together.

Catch him at the Carnival on 31Dec 2018.



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